Temple of Love: A Journey into the Age of Sensual Fulfilment – E-Book

Temple of Love: A Journey into the Age of Sensual Fulfilment – E-Book


By Sabine Lichtenfels

An adventurous journey from the stone circle of Almendres in Portugal to the temples of Malta becomes a journey through a new hologram of history.

Translated from the German by Anna Bandini and Douglas Baillie


I perceived myself as an explorer, searching for the basic structure of a prehistoric healing culture. I saw how the humane impulse had maintained itself through the times of oppression, and I traced it back into prehistoric cultures. There I discovered a tremendous original power that we have all forgotten: the female source, and with it, sexuality.

–Sabine Lichtenfels

The book is about an adventurous journey to the temples of Malta. Every event, every temple visit and also every difficulty is guided and thereby unexpected and unpredictable. Sabine Lichtenfels with her mediumistic talent shows simply and modestly what it means to travel in full trust in divine guidance. The temples of Malta act as antennae to the past for her and transmit descriptions and pictures of the culture that had once erected these buildings. This information gives a breathtaking view into a highly developed fulfilling and sensual life. And that at a time where we once thought that primitive people were running around with axes.

At the center of this high archaic culture was care for all that lives. The strong current of Eros and the mutual joy between the genders was sacred to them. They knew neither private property nor separation. The body of the woman was like the body of the earth, nourishing and giving. Their religion was the celebration of life itself, from the first sunbeams in the morning until the sparking stars in the night. For thousands of years, their non-violent culture flourished, based on the friendship between the genders.

For the author, this view into the past is simultaneously a start of a humane future. The temple of love is to be recreated in the light of modern knowledge, in practical life between men and women in model communities for a future without war.