The Sacred Matrix: From the Matrix of Violence to the Matrix of Life

The Sacred Matrix: From the Matrix of Violence to the Matrix of Life

by Dieter Duhm

A book that offers answers to many basic questions of our existence, our origins and history, our society, and our personal situations. It deals with how evil came into the world, the basic trauma in history, the source of our alienation, the roots of sexual fear, the possibilities of healing, our existence beyond birth and death, the possibilities of creating a future without fear and violence…

Translated from the German by Sten Linnander and Kate Bunney



A terrible injustice is taking place on Earth right now. Many of those who resist are sitting in torture chambers belonging to the military, police and intelligence services. Right at this moment, there are hundreds of thousands of people there who are suffering the most unspeakable pain. And yet they continue. This is the standard that we must apply when speaking of global peace work today. Will the screams of the victims continue to go unheard – or will we create a world where there are no more victims?

With these introductory words, sociologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Dieter Duhm begins his book The Sacred Matrix. What follows are twelve clear chapters answering the question, “what can be done to stop global violence and start the globalization of peace?” In order to come to a comprehensive solution, many areas of human knowledge are included: insight from modern science, politics and history, from chaos theory, holography, ecology, as well as spirituality and spiritual healing. The result is a revelation. This writing comes from a human being who is, in the words of the philosopher Karl Jasper, “originally shaken.” He spends little time analyzing the current situation. He writes:

I will abstain from making a definition of evil. When I see how the civilian population is bombed in Chechnya and how hand grenades are thrown into the last basements where the sick and the old still live, then I do not need a definition of evil.

Rather, he needs and seeks a way to end the global madness of violence, whether in Chechnya or Palestine, in Europe or Latin America. Therefore, he must leave behind conventional ways of thinking and by overcoming the limits of normality, enter unknown mental terrain grounded in authentic experience and look into what is really there: into our most intimate longings, hidden deep inside the human psyche; into our universal structures that govern the reality surrounding us; into our past and the rise of patriarchal violence; and into the future, into an ever more concrete vision of a possible planetary peace culture.

Who or what will decide whether the Earth will end in a planetary Holocaust or whether we will be able to change for the better? The answer is the essence of this book – what is described by one chapter title as “The Archimedean Fulcrum” – and that is love. A humane world can only emerge from an open heart. But how can love be merged with the political power of realization? How can the relation between the forces of violence and peace be changed so that an Earth free of violence becomes a real possibility? In precise mental steps, the ideas in the book are woven together into the “Political Theory,” a path by which the seemingly impossible becomes both possible and clearly visible.

These are high-tech solutions for peace. The great dream of global peace is even now within our reach…


Trust is the most revolutionary political term that exists today.
Excerpt (3.50 min) of an interview with Dieter Duhm in Tamera

Words of Praise

It is one thing to criticise the existing system, but another to live from the principles of a new civilisation. This brilliant, inspiring and courageous book sets out a full agenda for doing so.
—David Lorimer
Lecturer, Editor, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network


Dieter Duhm was born in 1942 in Berlin, Germany. He has a PhD in sociology, is an art historian, author and psychoanalyst. He is the initiator of the “Healing Biotopes Plan” – a global peace plan. In 1995 he founded the peace research center Tamera in Portugal together with the theologian Sabine Lichtenfels and others. Today Tamera has approximately 200 co-workers. Dieter Duhm has dedicated his life to create an effective forum for a global peace initiative that can be a match for the destructive forces of the capitalistic globalization. Learn more on Our Authors...

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