Tamera’s Stone Circle. Card Deck

Tamera’s Stone Circle. Card Deck

A Card Deck with 96 beautifully designed cards, a small booklet with more explanation about each card, both in a stable box

Tamera’s Stone Circle Card Deck is a project initiated by Uri Ayalon and Jana Elger (Tamera), cards illustrated by Marcel Häkel and designed by Alexander Klar; Content by Sabine Lichtenfels

Tamera’s Stone Circle will be available by December 2023! Pre-order it now!



Not competition, but complementarity.
Not dominance, but cooperation.
Not blind following, but self-recognition:
These are the criteria for a community of peace.

The card set contains 96 cards, each representing one of the stones from the Tamera stone circle. The stones in turn stand for individual aspects of a peace community. The accompanying booklet explains the stones so that the card set can also be used as a kind of “oracle”.


Sabine Lichtenfels was born into a family of artists in 1954. From a very early age she was concerned with questions of love and was connected to Jesus as a revolutionary role model. Already at 16 years old she envisioned “a village in which all lovers live together and no one has to abandon each other.” She studied theology, married and gave birth to her first daughter. In 1978 she met Dieter Duhm and along with their common friend, Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis, she supported in founding the Healing Biotopes Project. Almost every year since 2005 a Grace Pilgrimage takes place, mostly in crisis areas such as Colombia or the Middle East. Also in 2005 she was nominated by a Swiss initiative for the Nobel Prize as one of the worldwide “1000 Women for Peace.” In Tamera she leads the Global Love School and “Terra Deva,” the department for spiritual research. Sabine Lichtenfels is the mother of two daughters and the grandmother of three grandchildren. Learn more on Our Authors...

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