A Global Peace Plan

In the realms of technology, nothing seems impossible to humankind anymore – Nanorobots are running like immune cells through the blood stream rendering cancer cells harmless; space probes are dashing six billion kilometers through outer space in order to place a...

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1968: A Missed Chance for Socialism

The German student movement of the last century was part of an international struggle against imperialist power and authoritarian structures. The movement reached its peak 50 years ago. At that time, I was a student leader in the area of Mannheim-Ludwigshafen. I loved the anti-authoritarian revolt, the solidarity on the streets (…) Yet I wondered, did the comrades really believe in the things they were saying…?

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Defend the Sacred

Many experiences describe a possible world of contact with animals and a new door opens for us. All these real events show possibilities of another existence, in which there is neither fear nor hostility. It is the world of the Sacred Matrix that exists as a real possibility and waits for us to activate it.

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