Imagine waking up one morning with the realization that there is no fear or hatred within you any more. You recall the usual worries of the last few years, but you no longer have any. The past is within you in the form of a treasure of experiences and knowledge, but no longer as an emotion or as a source of pain. You recall your friends and relationships and your happy and unhap- py experiences, but you don’t need to get down on yourself for anything, because nothing is threatening you any more. You see your former lovers as you did at the time when you were in love with them and you realize that you are basically still in love with them. You would be happy to meet them again, since all complications of fear, guilt, justifications and all fights you had are a thing of the past. You remember and know exactly what hap- pened but in your spirit and body there is no fear left and no hatred either, since hatred only resulted from fear. You see these correlations clearly, but you do not dwell on them, for there are no problems left to be explained or solved. The rising sun meets you above the mists of your previous entanglements. You are now filled with this bright world, which has remained intact up to this day. You are so filled with a wordless feeling of gratitude and love that even the cigarette, that you normally would have reached for, seems strange to you. You have the feeling that you know this state of perfect health and it’s wonderful that it has returned after all these decades of painful struggle.

These are the moments in life when the vision of a differentmode of existence comes shining through our lives so concretelyand realistically that we can’t just go on with day-to-day work.This experience is reality. Beyond all of this disintegration thereexists a life without fear, a state of grace through love.

Excerpt of the book “Eros Unredeemed”