Eros Unredeemed: The World Power of Sexuality – E-Book

Eros Unredeemed: The World Power of Sexuality – E-Book


by Dieter Duhm

“I have written this book because it was inevitable. The issue of sexual love had to be seen and dealt with from a different perspective. It is the issue of our time, although the proclaimed slogans may sound different. It is said that the sexual revolution is a thing of the past, but from within, it hasn’t really started yet. Today more people suffer or become ill as a result of an unresolved longing for sex and love than from environmental pollution.”
Dieter Duhm



There cannot be peace on earth as long as there is war in love.

In a direct and committed language the author describes the state of love in our culture today. He places the unsolved issues of jealousy, free love, faithfulness, longing, impotence, morals etc. at the center of the question of truth, non-violence and peace. From the experience of free love he develops new perspectives for a new way of living, where love between two people no longer excludes free love. He describes the philosophical and social basis for a culture in which jealousy is no longer a natural law, where sexual desires no longer have to be suppressed and where faithfulness between two lovers no longer breaks down because of a too narrow vision of love. 
“Knowing love” is the term he uses for the process of developing a culture without sexual repression, fear and violence.

Dieter Duhm, born 1942 in Berlin. Art historian, psychoanalyst and sociologist with a doctorate. As a youth, he was involved for several years in the “Bread for the World” campaign, and in 1967 became an activist in the German student movement. He combines the idea of political revolution with that of individual liberation and becomes known for his book “Angst im Kapitalismus” (Fear in Capitalism). Trials for breach of the peace, amnesty by President Heinemann. Several years of work in the Marxist left, then forays into rural communes and alternative projects. Two years of psychoanalytic practice, which he wanted to combine with political content and translate into collective healing work. Three professorship offers, which he rejects. Several visits to the Austrian Friedrichshof followed, led by the artist Otto Mühl. There he had an ideological confrontation that led to a final separation. In 1976 he goes to a hermitage in Lower Bavaria for five months to reflect.

From spring 1978, development of the “Bauhütte” project. In addition to pioneering ecological work, introduction of free sexuality, which leads to fierce slander in the German public. He develops the plan of the healing biotopes, a concrete strategy how a worldwide peace could be brought about.1990 Move to Lanzarote, where he increasingly follows his penchant for painting.

In 1995, together with his partner Sabine Lichtenfels and others, he founded the project “Tamera”, a center for concrete utopia and international peace work, with the goal of connecting global peace work with the building of new models of life and creating places where people live together with all fellow creatures in cooperation and mutual support. Establishment of the “political ashram”, the peace school of Tamera. Today he leads the department for Eros, Art and Healing in Tamera – and works together with Sabine Lichtenfels and others on the master plan of a planetary peace community.

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