Verlag Meiga

Publishing house Meiga

We are a publishing house based in Germany (Bad Belzig, Brandenburg) and a literary workshop in southern Portugal (Tamera, Relíquias, Alentejo). The owners are Monika Berghoff and Hermann Haring.


We work for a great goal: an earth without fear, violence and war, where all people live together in solidarity and trust, where rivers meander freely again and nature has regained its original beautiful and wild power and diversity.

We know that man and earth are healable. Global peace is possible. With our publishing activities, we want to create awareness that this seemingly impossible project could succeed and on what path.

In the field formations of the evolution the “right of the stronger” does not apply, but the “success of the more comprehensive”. Otherwise, no new development could have prevailed.

–Dieter Duhm


We humans are conditioned by a collective trauma to a worldview of separation, struggle and latent catastrophe expectation. Our existing social system is based in all its areas on this system of thinking. Within it, the project of wanting to free the whole earth from war and violence seems absurd and impossible.

But sometimes – in borderline situations, in serious crises or in the most beautiful moments of love – our eyes open and we experience the world as it really is. Our mind focuses on the whole. We recognize new possibilities, also for our political power of implementation. In order for this opening of consciousness not only to occur sporadically and by chance, but to become the permanent basis for our decisions and actions, we need a theory that is spiritually comprehensible and in harmony with our heart and our cells. Man thereby gets a new view of himself and his task on earth. Something in him can finally heal, return home, come to rest and find a new anchor.

Our publishing activity is all about creating a vessel for this new school of thought. It is so young that it does not yet have a name, but it is already germinating in many places on earth. It has to do with the togetherness of all beings, with individual autonomy and community, with the erotic and the sacred. We want to become midwives for this world process and help to initiate a healing future.


There is no ready-made strategy for the endeavor to change a deeply engrained, world-wide system of thought. The endeavor is too new for that. But we can assume that at least two conditions must be met for the spirit of a powerful humane future to ignite worldwide.

A first condition: The new consciousness must be translated into concrete life practice in some places on earth. These centers are the laboratories in which the sought-after post-capitalist perspective on life is brought to maturity without contradiction.

The centers produce a treasure of new content, which we want to make visible with our publishing program. In this way we also contribute to the fact that further centers can be formed and the existing ones recognize themselves in the light of the new consciousness. Some content topics are:

  • Theory building for the healing of man and earth
  • Reintegration of the human world into the world of life
  • Cooperation with nature and all its creatures
  • Water healing
  • Phasing out the oil economy and developing self-sufficient energy systems
  • Ending the war of the sexes and all sexual humiliation
  • Wahrheit in der LiebeTruth in love
  • a new awareness of women
  • Building functioning communities

All the books, from their different points of view, are directed toward the one great goal: Global peace is achievable.

More information:

The earth needs a new information ( german )
Healing biotopes plan (german)

A second condition: The new paradigms, insights, inventions and experiences have to become globally talked about, communicable and recognized.
We have taken the following steps to establish global distribution:

  • We are working on establishing distribution cooperations with partner publishers in various countries and are looking forward to receiving corresponding offers!
  • We are in contact with a growing circle of people who are helping to pass on the new content in their respective places of residence. From setting up new bookstores and meeting places, to book tables and passing on the information to their own networks, all possibilities of support are conceivable.
  • We cooperate with the peace education of Tamera and create study material for future professions and online courses.
  • We are planning to set up a multilingual “news channel” on the Internet in cooperation with the Institute for Global Peacework. It is to become the core of international distribution. At the center will be a blog or online magazine that will provide a forum for the new content, for testimonials from the various initiatives and areas. In this way, we also support the construction of a “planetary community” in which people know more and more firmly how to build an unbreakable solidarity among themselves. The motto “Divide and rule!” must no longer resonate with those groups working for peace. With the “news channel”, the new contents flow into corresponding movements or trigger new movements.en aus.
  • We are partnering with the GRACE-Foundation to attract matching funds to implement this plan.

We cordially invite all interested parties to participate and thank you for financial support!