The political, ecological and human developments this year have led us to a clear decision: With all the strength, joy and creativity we have at my disposal, we would like to commit ourselves to bringing a great endeavour into global discussion. It can be summarised in the following statement:

We humans have the possibility to transform Earth into a paradise within a relatively short time – into a planet on which there is no violence and no fear anymore.

We know how unbelievable this sentence sounds. In most cases the words are simply ignored. They are too far outside of what seems possible to achieve. And yet they are realistic. We say this without closing our eyes to what is happening on this Earth in this very moment, to the wars and fake news that make them possible, to the over-exploitation and depletion of nature and Earth, to the fires in the Amazon and the fight of the youth in Hong Kong, to the fate of the those having to flee from their homes and the ones drowning while trying to reach a safe place.

We would like to address another potential misunderstanding here: this project does not promise a quick and easy salvation. “Within a relatively short period of time” is not an invitation relax while with work is done “in the twinkling of an eye”. If it were that easy, humanity would have achieved it long ago. It is about an idea that demands all of our human intelligence, our love for truth, our will, our capacity for global compassion, and our energy.

We are looking for people who have the courage to embrace this statement out of love for planet Earth, who take time to check it out and communicate it to others. That is the purpose of this letter.

A first step is to put together a compact book that explains why the project is realistic. We have given it the working title:
The Plan.

At the same time we want to gather a circle of people around this project who will take up The Plan step by step and thought by thought, study it and start to embody it. We dream that we will succeed in translating the book into many languages as early as possible and publishing it simultaneously. The more people talk about this perspective, the more this vision of the future will be illuminated, the more visible it will become for more and more people and the more attraction it can generate.

Today, humanity needs nothing more than an idea of how to turn the impending collapse of the larger systems – the ecological, climatic, economic, political and social systems – into a constructive direction.

At the same time, however, nothing is rejected and fought more than an answer that gives hope. That is hard to take and yet understandable. After all the aberrations of history, man is particularly suspicious at this point. He does not want to hear any more solutions. Too often he has been led astray and deceived. In addition there is a special factor. Abdullah Öcalan, the Kurdish leader imprisoned in Turkey since 1999, has named it aptly:

The real power of capitalist modernity is not its money or its weapons; its real power lies in its ability to suffocate all utopias … with its liberalism.

That is the challenge we would like to take together with all who are interested. Hope-giving information of a realistic utopia should reach our hearts through our own traumatic layers and be brought into public conversation through the close-meshed network of the capitalist media world. With this our humane revolution would have reached Stage One of victory, perhaps still inconspicuous but already great. I dream of celebrating this victory together with everyone involved still in 2020. Imagine that the idea of turning Earth into a paradise within a short time would be anchored in more and more people because they understood how to reach this goal. Imagine how much cooperation and power will be created!

In the moment, for us, it is not about initiating a mass movement, but to create a petri dish in which the idea can germinate. They serve as acupuncture points. We think this will be done by building a circle of people who embody a high-pitched vision and in turn gather circles of people around them, each serving as acupuncture points.

Now a personal note from me, Monika:
The statement that we humans can free the Earth from fear and violence does not come from me. I read it many years ago in a book by Dieter Duhm (it’s only in German). It shook me. I had to do everything I could to find out whether this was true or not. How could that be possible? So I studied Duhms’ books and writings, especially those sources to which he refers. By doing so I created a connection to what I was taught in school and university. For me this was the way to become a fellow thinker rather than a follower. In many personal conversations with Dieter Duhm I was able to deepen the subject. What makes his work unique is the attempt to explore the vision for a future without war so deeply that a concept for its realization could emerge. This is why the planned book will strongly be based on Duhm’s thoughts.

But the image of the future that Dieter Duhm wants to realize with his “Healing Biotopes Plan” can not be attributed to any single person. It similarly lights up everywhere on earth. One finds aspects of it in the life concept of “Buen Vivir” from the indigenous world of the Andes of Latin America. Or the laws of life in the Colombian Peace Community of San José. Or partly in Russia’s Anastasia movement as well. Or in the idea of “Ndanifor” (the soul of community) from Cameroon. And in the social organization of Rojava in northern Syria. Or in the concept of microsocialism. Or in the longing of millions of people worldwide to live in community? And… Or… Or… Everywhere we find aspects of the same message.How should we call this great plan of evolution, which brings forth all these movements, thoughts and concepts with the aim of transforming the Earth into a paradise with the help of conscious people?

Thank you for reading and listening.

Monika Alleweldt,  Leila Dregger in their team