Verlag Meiga is a Publishing House for a Future Without War.

For almost 40 years, a European research group led by Dr. Dieter Duhm, Sabine Lichtenfels and others has developed, in both theory and practice, a stunning concept for healing both human being and nature. The feasibility of their concept is based on fundamental thoughts that go beyond traditional thinking habits and nevertheless always remain scientifically justified and understandable.

Verlag Meiga’s mission is to spread these ideas and the underlying thoughts, thus contributing to the achievement of the plan. The plan includes the development, teaching and dissemination of the complete know-how for building functioning research villages (so-called “healing biotopes”). As explained in the literature, it would only require a few such places around the world to suffice in initiating a transition from the current era of war societies toward a new, peaceful form of human civilization.

In other words, we publish books whose time is yet to come. They contain the intellectual dynamite to positively shake our awareness and to demonstrate the almost limitless possibilities humanity is facing today: in thinking, in love, in global peace work, in cooperation with nature, in technology and art.

These books contain a truth beyond morality and dogma. Forever intimate and yet forgotten, this truth is the essence of everything we love. It arises when what was previously separated comes together again: society and Creation, the individual and community, nature and the human being, man and woman, eros and logos. It arises in the very moment, “… where we recognize in tears, what we have done to those we once considered our enemies.” (Dieter Duhm). Its essence is reconciliation, forgiveness and grace.

The books we publish are to be permeated with “GRACE” in political and human realms, whether in building a theory as done by Dieter Duhm, in political actions and pilgrimages as done by Sabine Lichtenfels or in ecology, healing, technology or art, as done by them and other authors we soon want to publish.

We began our publishing activities by focusing our efforts to give worldwide exposure to the works of two authors: Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founders of the Peace Research Center, “Tamera” in Portugal. Their books are a basis for a future worth living. They prepare the soil on which a humane future can sprout.


Terra Nova School

We work closely with Terra Nova School, which offers an online education worldwide. In order to believe in a future without war, a special knowledge base is needed. Terra Nova School provides lessons on this and educates people so they can expand these thoughts into their environment. It calls on young people to form study groups in order to go deep into these new thoughts. Contact us if you are interested in this education program.

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