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Verlag Meiga

…is a publishing house, registered in Germany (Bad Belzig, Brandenburg), with a writing workshop in Southern Portugal (Tamera, Relßíquias, Alentejo). The company is owned by Monika Berghoff and Saskia Breithardt (silent partner). Since fall 2017 a team has formed with the aim to lead the publishing house on to a new level.

2023 Publishing Program
New ideas release new potentials for action. Grand theories are paving the way for grand revolutions. In 2023 we will publish the book and card desk "The Stone Circle" by Sabine Lichtenfels, which conveys peace wisdom from ancient neolethic times into our modern era.

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We work towards a big vision: an Earth free of war, a society free of violence, a love free of lies and a life free of fear. We envision a planet where all people live together in solidarity and trust, where rivers once again meander freely and where nature has regained its original beauty, wild power and diversity. We know that global peace is possible. Through our publishing activities we want to build a global consciousness that – and how – this seemingly impossible goal can be realized.

In the field-building processes of evolution it is not the “law of the fittest” but the “success of the more comprehensive” that is determinant. Otherwise no new development could have succeeded. –Dieter Duhm


A collective trauma conditions humankind to a world-view based on separation, fighting and latent expectations of catastrophe. All of the aspects of our current society have emerged from that system of thinking. Within this system it appears impossible and totally absurd to free Earth from violence and war. Sometimes—at significant thresholds, in deep crisis or in the most beautiful moments of love—our inner eyes open and we experience reality as it really is. Our mind and heart recognize the whole. We discover numerous new possibilities, including those for realizing global goals. This opening of our conscious mind should not just happen sporadically or accidentally; it should become the foundation of our decisions and actions. For this we need a comprehensible theory which is coherent with our heart and every cell in our body. We would then receive a new view of ourselves as human beings and of our task on Earth. Something within ourselves can then, at last, heal, return home. Through our publishing activities we are creating a platform for this new level of consciousness. It is at such an early stage of development that it does not yet have a name but it already appears here and there, gentle and still fragile, all over the planet. It stands for the interconnectedness between all that lives, for individual autonomy and community, for Eros and the sacred. We want to become midwives for this world process for the manifestation of a future of trust and solidarity.


We want to change a deeply engrained, worldwide system of thinking which is intentionally reinforced by big media corporations. Our strategy seeks to answer the question as to how information about the potential for global healing can be credible in the presence of a bombardment of disaster message. We know that no power in the world can stop an idea whose time has come. The idea “only“ needs to be activated. The “Healing Biotopes Plan“ describes how to successfully trigger an initial impulse to this end. Our publishing activities are part of a wider strategy for the implementation of this plan. The plan describes two conditions which must be met for the idea to spread globally. The first condition is: The new consciousness has to be translated into lived experience at a number of places on earth. These places are the laboratories where a much needed post-capitalist perspective is brought to maturity. They carry an enormous treasure of new content which we want to make accessible through our publishing program. Through this we contribute to the development of more centers and help the existing ones to to understand the significance of their work within the context of global healing. The new content pertains to:

  • a theory for the healing of humankind and Earth
  • re-aligning the human world with the higher order of life and creation
  • cooperation with nature and all its beings
  • healing the waters
  • withdrawing from the oil industry and the development of autonomous energy systems
  • ending the war between the genders and all sexual humiliation
  • truth in love and partnerships
  • a new female self-awareness
  • establishing functioning communities
The second condition is: The new paradigms, insights, inventions and experiences have to come into global conversations, they must become communicable and acknowledged. We have taken the following steps towards setting up a global distribution system:

  1. We are establishing cooperation with publishing houses in different countries. We want to keep our name as a brand for the new content. We are looking forward to having more partners!
  2. We are in contact with a growing circle of people who support our work from their living places. They distribute the content through their book shops, in their meeting places and seminars, set up book tables or just pass on information through their own networks. We welcome more supporters!
  3. We cooperate with educational initiatives like the Global Campus and provide study material for online courses and for professions of the future. We plan to build an online multi-lingual “news channel“. This will be the heart of our international distribution. In the core of it is a blog or an online magazine. It will voice the growing “planetary community“, in which people know ever more deeply how to build unbreakable trust and solidarity. The motto “divide and rule“ must no longer find resonance in those groups who work for a future worth living.
  4. We cooperate with the Grace Foundation in order to attract the resources needed to implement the “Healing Biotopes Plan“.

We invite you to support our daring endeavour with enthusiasm, professional know-how and/or by financial means. Thank you!