“We are born to win.“

I took the occasion of the hunger strike called upon by Extinction Rebellion in November 2019 to write down some of the thoughts I believe we need for a breakthrough. First of all, a big thank you to all those who are on the streets today for life, for climate protection and nature, for social justice and system change. And a big thank you to all activists around the world who – often at the risk of their lives – promote justice and provide help, where none are available. I am also thinking of Rojava and all the war zones on Earth where a new world wants to be born, and of the human dramas taking place within our own ranks and among many other allies. The world is in chaos from which a new order will emerge.

I am a co-founder of the Tamera project in Portugal, a former activist in the German student movement, and since then I have been involved with the question of an overall new, humane culture: How can people live together in truth, love, and solidarity, outside the bounds of ideologies and religions? After 50 years of activity in political groups and communities (I am 77 years old today), I have gained some insights which I would like to share, so that the different movements find their common goal and do not collapse again and again from the external powers and the internal human conflicts and factional struggles.

Here are three preliminary observations, based on lived experience:

1. Yes, humanity shares a common goal. It is built into the nature of man and into the inner goal (entelechy) of all life. It was taken away from us over the course of several thousand years of warfare. Today, we have to find it again on a new level.

2. Everything outside comes from the inside. The outer ecological environmental crisis and the inner human environmental crisis are two expressions of the same overall problem; they can only be understood and solved in this holistic view. In order to understand what happens on the outside, we must understand what happens on the inside of a group. The drama of the whole of humanity has its inner imprint in the subliminal conflicts that exist even in the best groups: Conflicts about sexuality, love, recognition or power. Most political movements and communities of recent decades have failed not because of external enemies but because of these internal human conflicts.

3. The essential goal is not to overcome an external enemy, but to overcome a historical legacy which we all carry within us as trauma. For this, we need a force that is stronger than the past – the power of a real utopia, which brings humanity together and connects it with nature in a new way. This utopia is not just a pipe dream, but exists in reality in the inner blueprint of life.

There is an inner core in man which cannot be destroyed by war. This core is the same everywhere. It contains healing information of a special kind. Every human being carries this information in the core of their cells; but in the course of historical development, this information was denatured by persecution and violence in such a way that it is no longer recognizable. The wars of the last millennia went over humanity like a historical roller, which depressed almost everything that was based on man’s original values of community, truth, trust, and home.

If we try to revitalize these values today and translate them into creative developments, we will get a new picture of our upcoming political and human tasks. The core information for global healing stands outside all previous political or ideological systems. It contains within itself a most intimate connection of the political dimension with an erotic-sexual dimension and a spiritual-religious dimension. Of course, I know how fatal and misleading such vocabulary sounds in our time, as if it is intended to distract from the global struggle that must be waged today on Earth. But they are not a misdirection; they are a direction. All people who wake up today and want to take responsibility for their community and the fate of all fellow creatures cannot avoid this reorientation inside the global heart.

A global peace movement needs a system change that encompasses these three dimensions. We need a system change in political, sexual, and religious thinking, because everywhere the same force is at work that has been falsified, persecuted, and suppressed in a specific way in each of the three areas. I cannot call it by any name because it has had enough names. Under the name of God alone, so much evil has been wrought that it is difficult to use these old words again. And yet beyond all the misery of the Earth, there is another reality that is always and everywhere directed towards unity, love, and healing. Every so-called “miracle healing” is a hint in this direction. It may sound almost cynical to speak of “good news” in the age of global destruction. And yet it exists – for believers and atheists alike – as an objective reality in the blueprint of creation. In Tamera we call it the “Sacred Matrix.”

The new civilization rises on the basis of this other reality. This is the system change we are facing presently. As a result of my long work in communities, I know today that the political-economic and ecological system change that humanity needs can only succeed if the course is set anew internally: System change in love; system change in our relationships with animals and all fellow creatures; system change in “religion”, in the sense of a reintegration into the greater whole. And a system change in thinking: How can we really and forever change the world?

Have we accepted that the material world is shaped and changed by mental-spiritual forces? This is true for our individual bodies, as well as for the collective body of humanity. Do we know that in every real love experience, the molecular structures of our brains and cell nuclei change? Can we recognize that the concrete utopia will spread in the life body of the Earth as soon as it is recognized and “seen” by the first groups? Here there is a seeing, a vision, which has nothing to do with wishful fantasies, but with our belonging to a world order in whose center is not war, but love. In the blueprint of life, there lies a structure for man and nature, which we can receive and recognize as participants and witnesses. There is a direct connection between vision and manifestation. Nothing new can be realized if it has not been “seen” before. Somehow, Albert Einstein meant the same thing when he said, “What can be thought can be done.”

The other reality also includes a different relationship between the sexes and a fresh look at the issues of sexuality, love, and partnership. The new culture arises from a new togetherness of the two halves of the human being –  man and woman – because from their union, the whole human world has emerged. (Which form of sexual identity a person chooses is unaffected by this and will not be discussed in this text.) I refer here to the book And They Knew Each Other, which Sabine Lichtenfels and I wrote together (Verlag Meiga, 2019). All people long for love, trust, and home. All seek home among people and home in the world. Most people suffer from lovesickness and inner homelessness. Home! One hardly dares to put this word into one’s mouth at a time when everything that was once true has been twisted and institutionalized by fascism. It is actually the same home for all people. What some of us may have experienced as a child with loving parents was an original experience of home. And what we experienced in our first love – as childlike as it may have been – was the epitome of love and happiness. The ones who know it, know it forever. But when the circumstances of life no longer touch this happiness, then misfortune, desperation up to the point of violence, and war arise. 5.3 million people in Germany are depressed. The pharmaceutical industry profits from it; allegedly it is now bigger than the armaments industry. Depression and violence come from an unfulfilled longing for love and home. These are the most elementary human truths.

But we must understand what it is all about when we talk about love and home. These are not kitschy words, but core revolutionary concepts of a new way of life: fear-free home among people, home in nature, and home in the world. The modern revolution consists of recognizing and accepting these core concepts and realizing them in new forms of living together. For this, it needs a view of the inner power of a deep trust which holds everyone together. In this view, there is no hostility, no fear, and no violence. There is indeed a “force that is stronger than all violence.” In this view a curtain opens and we recognize a concrete utopia – the real utopia of the coming, post-capitalist and post-apocalyptic world. This system change is a spiritual transformation, a rebirth of life under a global network of trust, solidarity and cooperation. Yes, it is a rebirth; the world is pregnant and we are pregnant with it.

Fifty years ago we took to the streets against the Vietnam War, against the dictatorship in Iran (formerly Persia), against the German emergency laws (Notstandsgesetze) and the Bild newspaper and the whole capitalist system – and we failed because of internal conflicts for which there were no ideas for a solution. The great team spirit in the external movement was broken after a few years. We did not know the human foundation: the embedding of our lives and all our relationships in something greater that encompasses everything and which we mean today with the slogans “Defend the Sacred” and “Terra Nova.”

We need the courage to resist.; We need public action and the strength of strong movements. However, we also need to know that the internal, human issues cannot be solved by political demonstrations, but only by the perception and transformation of our “own problems,” which in reality are not only our own. The everyday drama in love is not a private matter because it is the historical drama of all humanity. Our loneliness is not a private destiny because we come from a history that has separated us from each other and cut us off from the immense potentials that the universe had given us on the way. We have been trapped in a cocoon of fear, mistrust and anger, protest and powerlessness – and have forgotten who we truly are. Today, under the pressure of apocalyptic conditions, millions of people are awakening from collective hypnosis and are looking for a way out of the labyrinth.

May a common vision of the goal for which we are all on the road be formed from the present movements. This goal is not an illusion; it exists in humanity as the butterfly does in a caterpillar. Satprem formulated it in his powerful language:

“This colossal, innumerable, inexhaustible energy, this force of consciousness, this immense harmony, from which we have cut ourselves off and barricaded ourselves in a small selfish body, enclosed in a tremor of desire and pain, will flow unhindered through us, for our self will have become the self of the world and our body the symbol of the great body of the Earth. (From the book: Satprem, On the Way to Supermanhood)

We are not only the product of our history, but are agents of evolution. By witnessing what is happening in the world and in ourselves, we awaken from collective hypnosis and retrieve the forces within us needed for the system change. If it succeeds somewhere, it can succeed anywhere, because all human beings are genetically connected to the life order of the Sacred Matrix.

The big movements of our time need true models of realization, concrete cells in the growth of the planetary community, and healing biotopes for the structural healing of man and nature. Healing biotopes are decentralized models of life, where the cosmic and earthly orders of life are connected. The structures of the earthly social order are then in resonance with the universal forces of the Sacred Matrix. In this resonance lies the real power of healing and the authority to change the world. This power lives latently in all people, because the Sacred Matrix has an ethical imprint deep in the soul of the human being. The laws of this ethics are basic laws of life and love; they apply everywhere. Healing Biotopes are communities that follow these ethical laws in their dealings with each other and with all fellow creatures and manifest them in real-life practice.

A humanity that is able to place a computer almost precisely on a comet or seriously plan a journey to Mars is also able to reorganize its living conditions on Earth. We are facing a new stage of evolution.

There is only One Being. This sentence from the cosmic library belongs to the base camp of all peace groups on Earth. It is the same Being and the same consciousness that pulses through a worm or a human being, a molecule or a galaxy. It is the spirit with which humanity of all cultures celebrates its devotions and the little fish on the sea floor paints its mandala. It is the same orgonotic life energy that directs the juices in our bodies, the currents of the waters and the forces of the weather. It is the same dammed energy that produces the eruptions of violence here and there. When we realize how deeply all our movements, our hopes and struggles, our thoughts and will powers are connected, when we are firmly connected to each other in the human and political goal of a new global alliance, then no army in the world can stop this movement.

When a newly created order of life on Earth is in resonance with the forces and information of the cosmic order (Sacred Matrix), a world effect is created. At the moment of the “spiritual singularity,” where the human order and the world order have been brought into harmony, a new morphogenetic field is created for the whole Earth, because all beings are connected with this order. In the organism of life the same processes take place as in the so-called “miracle healings.” There are spiritual laws of nature here and there which cause healing – both individual and global. In a certain way we can transfer the secret of miraculous healing to the whole Earth, because when the structures of the Sacred Matrix in the first groups on Earth are actually realised, a global field – an unstoppable chain reaction of similar centers – develops as a result of our global connection, until a switchover in the global holistic body occurs. This is a globalization of a new kind.

Finally, a call to the northeast of Syria:
Dear friends in Rojava, we stand in deep solidarity with your vision and work. We thank you for the cultural development you have accomplished in recent years, for your steadfastness and your service to the world, which you have given by your example. A light has been born here which can no longer be extinguished. We are doing the same work here in Tamera and in other communities, as we do everywhere on Earth, where women and men have risen up for a future worth living on our planet. In the name of love for all those who are helping now. In the name of love for your and our children, in the name of all creatures!

Thank you, Amen, Venceremos!