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Dieter Duhm: The Sacred Matrix

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From the Matrix of Violence to the Matrix of Life. The Foundation for a New Civilization.

ISBN 978-3-927266-16-2, 420 pages, Pb.

Translated from the German by Sten Linnander and Kate Bunney

A book that offers answers to many basic questions of our existence, our origins and history, our society, and our personal situations. It deals with how evil came into the world, the basic trauma in history, the source of our alienation, the roots of sexual fear, the possibilities of healing, our existence beyond birth and death, the possibilities of creating a future without fear and violence…

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Publisher's Review

“An immense injustice is occurring at this time on Earth. Many of those who stand against this injustice are sitting in the torture caves of the military, police and secret services. In this very moment there are hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from the most unspeakable pain there. All the same they continue. It is this measure that we must apply to ourselves when talking about global peace work today. Will the victim’s screams continue to go unheard – or will we create a world where there are no longer these screams?” 

With these introductory words the author Dr. Dieter Duhm, sociologist und psychoanalyst, starts his book „The Sacred Matrix”. What follows thereafter are 12 chapters of clear text about the question what there is to do to stop global violence and to start a globalisation of peace. As to come to a well-based answer many sources of human knowledge are included, modern insights from science, politics and history, from chaos research, holography and ecology, spirituality and healing. The result is a revelation. Here writes a human being who is, to say it with the words of the philosopher Karl Jaspers, „originally shaken”. He doesn’t spent much time with the analysis of the current state:

„I get along without a definition of the evil. When I see how in Tshetshenia a civil population is being bombed apart, how one throws hand grenades into the last cellar caves in which ill people or very old people could live I don’t need a definition of the evil.

But all the more he needs and seeks a convincing answer to the question how the global madness of violence could be ended whether in Tshetshenia, or Palestine, in Europe or Latin America. For this purpose he must leave behind up-to-date way of thinking, overcome the limits of normality, enter unknown mental terrain by means of authentic experience and look into what is really there: into the inside, into the zones of our most intimate longing, into the outside, into the reality surrounding us and its universal structures, into our past with the raise of a violent, patriarch epoch, into the future, into an ever more concrete vision of a possible planetary peace culture.

Who or what will decide about whether the earth will end in a planetary Holocaust or whether we will be able to effect a turn towards the better? „The Archimedean Point”, is the title of one chapter and at the same time the essence of this book, „is love.” A humane world can only emerge from an opened heart. But how can love be connected with the political power of realisation? How can the relation of the forces of violence and peace be changed in a way that the set target of a violent-free earth appears reachable? In precise thinking steps the mental yarns of the book are picked up and composed to the “Political Theory”. A path how the seemingly impossible could become possible becomes visible.

What is written down here is High Tech for peace. The great dream of global peace could succeed today….

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