Welcome to VERLAG MEIGA!

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We greet the youth of the world.
We greet all peace-activists and helpers in the crisis areas of the world.
Verlag Meiga is publishing books for all those who are active in the struggle for liberation, for the young generation who refuses to give up, for all those, who want to work for a future without war.

Released: Terra Nova. Global Revolution and Healing of Love

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The latest book by Dieter Duhm is written. It is now published in German; the English translation is scheduled for September 2015. It is entitled “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and Healing of Love” The author has advanced into a mental-spiritual space, where unsuspected powerful healing powers become accessible – for the individual as well as for the collective of humanity.

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Let’s work together!

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We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to work with us together for a great cause. We have been entrusted a treasure of knowledge, answers, solutions and perspectives. It is the result and experience gained from over 40 years of research in the development of functioning communities, models for a future society that is free from fear and violence, that is sustainable and regional self-suficient.
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